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Number Field Sieve NET

More details about the current NFSNET project are available from the web site http://www.nfsnet.org/.

Current status

In June 2004 I stopped doing NFS as a distributed project and switched to using the 15 nodes beowulf cluster Pingo at Risø National Laboratory, where I have been given access to run jobs when it's idle.
In the beginning of November 2004 I moved the work to the 240 nodes cluster Mary at the same place.
This cluster has recently stopped being in testing and has started production, so I can no longer use it.

This is the description of the old system

These pages are about my client/server system for SNFS factoring, it was originally meant for Conrad Curry's NFSNET effort, to help with the assignment and distribution of ranges for sieving, but since the apparent death of that project and Conrad's disappearance I've switched it to handing out ranges from private projects such as 17,119+, 38,91+, finished on my birthday: 21,119+ and more.

Used to factor numbers from Andy Steward's part of the Cyclotomic Number Project.
the description below is old, the system isn't running at the moment
The current method for handing out ranges is to first check if there are any private projects for the account, and hand out a range for that if there is. If not, it selects the project with the largest expected memory use which is smaller than the one given in the request, and hands out the first range for this project.
The idea behind this is that the maximum memory requirement is configured on each client machine, so an account with multiple machines will get the "largest" assignments available for each machine.
The size of the range given out is decided by the time it took that machine to return the results the last couple of times, and currently aims at a range that takes one day to finish.

I have several reports just about ready, including an personal assignments report, an assigned ranges report, an unassigned ranges report, an uploaded ranges report and a finished ranges report

Last Update: Fri, 27 May 2005